January 6, 2010


Socmo meet Chimpmo… Chimpmo, Socmo…

The Comments

Doug Jones

looks like Chimpmo has bendable arms, cool!

Dennis Jones

…I got the head finished, decided, thats enough of this, sewed arms on it and pronounced it a finished product. Pretty much how I do my flat art, too…


make sure Socmo don’t start marking up the carpet..

Dennis Jones

…turf war…

Don Jones

Looks like Chimpmo does a little Mary Kay… beautiful.

Dennis Jones

…I personally thought he put his lipstick on a little heavy for this picture, but what do I know?…

Doug Jones

nice mohawk… reminds me of Mr. T

Dennis Jones

…whatchu tokkin’ ‘bout, foo!?


Awesome.Jim Henson would be proud.

Don Jones

Did you note Mr. T was a character in the CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS flick?

Dennis Jones

…I didn’t see CloudyWithaChanceOfMeatballs… I saw a grand total of 2 movies this year… Star Trek and Avatar… both good…

Don Jones

My TO SEE list includes Dark Knight, Blind Side, Star Trek and MANY MORE …. I’m saving most of these for retirement.


I’m not Treky but Star Trek was a great movie. Dark Knight is cool,I just wish it ended better

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