Church Art Assignment

March 8, 2010


…so I’m at church yesterday and a kid comes up and hands me two pictures that he and his little brother have drawn and informs me that they want me to redraw their pictures with those big muscle men that I do… so I did a little sketch on the bottom of each of their pages for them… you never know what’s going to happen at church…

The Comments


And you know they think you are the coolest guy on the planet… It seems a lot of your work comes from “note taking” in church..

Don Jones

I’d like to see your drawings colorized by those kids. A fantastic drawing ministry you got going there…

Doug Jones

fun stuff here! … and you KNOW they will be looking for you next week, right?


The imagination at its best! Awesome!!

Dennis Jones

…I’m afraid my cover has been blown at church… seems the peeps know what I’m up to these days…


I seem to remember your Exhaustive Note taking from ( II Kings) I believe leading to a Bear drawing..


I will say though, child #1 nailed the 3-D inset of the eyes..

Dennis Jones

…Sundays sermon was on John 10 The Good Shepherd, but these guys don’t look like very good shepherds to me… kinda creepy scary shepherds if anything… that’s what you get when you use any kind of a committee to create something…

Doug Jones

my favorite part are those green shoes the first guy is wearing. Can you buy those at Parker’s Shoe Store?

Dennis Jones

…I think those must be a pair of those spiked aerator shoes you wear to mow your yard and punch holes in the soil with… they look like they are grass stained…

Don Jones

I like those red shoulder tassels… Bet they got that from the male figure skaters at the Olympics…

Doug Jones

I think you’re right, darlin’


I wonder if the turf shoes come in a High top?

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