…mmmm, PopTarts!

March 10, 2010


…so I decided to treat myself to the delicious goodness of Frosted PopTarts this morning but the toaster decided to fight against me and all I got was a house full of smoke and these two things…

The Comments

Don Jones

WOw! What a big Birthday TREAT! What flavor were those? Are you sure you didn’t insert a couple of barbeque briquets?

Doug Jones

I look at these and my mouth salivates! I bet they would taste really good with a side of coffee pucks.


Hey Den…next time try taking them out of the box before zapping them.
Did Karen have any comment regarding your culinary experience?

Dennis Jones

…did not even phase her… she’s been married to me so long that this sort of thing is nothing out of the ordinary…

Doug Jones

This is pretty much how I cook my eggs each morning.

Don Jones

I think those are served down in Louisiana – Blackened Strawberry Pop-Tarts. Them crazy Cajuns … and Hoosiers.

Dennis Jones

…it’s a hoosier take on cajun cooking….


LOL!!This is greatness!!!

Doug Jones

LOL… that stands for Loopity Loo… right?


When I look at these babies I want to break into song….. What’s real yummy and taste good to what has Dennis cooked up for you, Cheese Cake, Carrot Cake, Pop Tarts too order on or maybe two.

Dennis Jones

…if I wasn’t so swamped with work right now I would put those lyrics to music and load it up on my Pure Volume site…

Don Jones

LOL Lots Of Lunch

Doug Jones

Leach On Leg

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