My Frazetta Tribute

February 10, 2010


I was a freshman in college when I first discovered the artwork of Frank Frazetta. I immediately tried to imitate it (fat chance of that happening) and quickly discovered there was only going to be one of that guy.

I was goofing around the other day and decided to try putting my spin on one of my favorite Frazetta pieces, “The Silver Warrior”. I wasn’t trying to copy it per say, just doing a Dennis Jones take on it.

Below in my comment section you will find the original Frazetta artwork and a really short video of the digital process.

You can see a larger version of the video here.

The Comments

Dennis Jones

Doug Jones

COOL! and I bet you did this in a fraction of the time it took old Frank. Your bears are definitely meaner than his…

Dennis Jones

…bears with ‘tudes…


Thats really cool. I hope to see more imitations,this is interesting.

Kev Brett

Think I prefer your version…
bit of brown nosing there, but still, awesome stuff!


In the original Frazetta work note only 1 bear has any real “Tude” and the warrior has no defining features, his hair ends exactly at the swords edge..WHAT??? . Honestly No “B-Nosing” at all…Every bear of yours is full of “Tudeality” and your warrior has enough detail to truly see his “Tude” You Win…Period..


Den, I followed Franks work as well and must say your work and it’s detail is awesome. Like Nik I would enjoy seeing more imitations also. It’s great how you put a spin on these type of things. It’s truly is great work thank you.

Dennis Jones

…thanks for the kind words everybody. …uhm, it’s a whole lot easier to do something like this when someone else (Frazetta) has already done all the heavy lifting on it (color, composition, characters)… that being said, it was a bunch of fun to do and you always learn so much when you copy the masters, so maybe I’ll do it again sometime…


It would be cool to reproduce a movie poster,like the Star Wars one with Luke holding up his lightsaber and leia by his side.


If you do a movie poster I vote Lord of the Rings…Hobbits would be a blast to toon..

Jon Slone

I saw “The wolfman” last night. “American werewolf in london” is still top shelf! You should paint a werewolf transformation. Or some kind of transformation.

Don Jones

For some reason, I can see this as an Energy Drink advertisement… awesomenessss.

Dennis Jones

…drink Barbarian Blitzkrieg and beat back those four o’clock blahs…

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

I need a six-pack of that… NOW!! I’m thinking it probably has an Old World flavor of Viking sweat and Polar Bear urine.


Nice Don…I’ll just put my coffee in the trash now and move on with my day. Great packaging Den…this can looks frosty cold, and has a high energy feel to it, something I might use to get through my deadlines.


You know when it is cold enough cause the mountains in the background turn blue.

Dennis Jones

…my coffee always tastes like Barbarian Blitzkrieg… maybe it’s time to clean the coffee pot…

alan anderson

It’s better than the original and I like the original. I love your style and the freshness of your characters, I could look at your work all day.

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