Olympic Hockey Sunday

March 1, 2010


…ok, so the youth minister at my church says this Sunday the youth Sunday School lesson is on Ephesians 6 so Dennis why don’t you wear all your goaltender stuff and we’ll let the kids shoot at you and we’ll compare the goaltender gear to the armor of God and have a really good object lesson with it so I say ok and for the grand finale he will throw a hockey puck at me but it will bounce off harmlessly because I’m wearing my “armor” so we get the “wear the armor of God” point into the lesson and he takes the puck while standing about 7 feet away and slings it at me with a baseball windup and I’m thinking he’s going to throw at my chest or legs where I obviously have the most padding but he throws at my head instead and in all my years of playing hockey I have never taken a harder blow to the head than that as evidenced by the fact that it took a chunk out of the cage and crushed the padded goaltender helmet into my nose and cut it so that as I was talking to the kids about how crazy a person would have to be to do something like that without the “helmet of salvation” on blood was trickling down my nose and I’m not really sure if they got the point we were trying to make but I’m pretty sure they will never forget Olympic Hockey Sunday…

The Comments

The “Ripleys” Guy

No doubt, your reward will be in heaven for that sacrifice! Is there any way to get a re-enactment for YouTube?

Doug Jones

That settles it… I’m sticking with curling…


Bad move Doug, those rocks weigh in at like 30 something pounds. I’m speechless Dennis, I had to explain to Peggy why I wet my pants!!!

Doug Jones

I know for a fact that no youth minister is able to pick up a 30 pound stone… so I’m safe…

Don Jones

Object lessons are always better when blood is involved….

Dennis Jones

…there goes Mr. Doug trying to stir up trouble for me on my page again… I get into plenty all by myself, I don’t need any help thank you very much…


Thats by far the coolest hockey helmet in the world,now you need a football helmet like that

Dennis Jones

…Don, your comment reminded me of the time I slammed my arm through a plate glass window and almost cut it in off and as they were sewing me back together at the doctors office Doug turned green and started sliding down the wall and someone had to catch him… blood is always an attention grabber…


Famous last words, “I don’t need a Helmet, We’re just doing some light warm up.” 8 stitches later, my hats dont fit to good anymore.

Dennis Jones

…Jeff, I would like for you to start a blog and just tell your old goaltender stories on it… you had some doozies I recall…


You have the winner…I have NEVER had an open wound in church. I am sorry, I just chuckle like an idiot every time I think about it.


“I’m just Reffin a kids game, what do I need a cup for?”

Don Jones

I found myself looking at these pictures and softly humming “Power in the Blood.”

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