On Frozen Pond

January 4, 2010


…so I look out my window on Saturday and there’s a buncha guys fishing on the pond next to my house. I almost never saw that when I lived in Texas…

The Comments

Don Jones

IT’s a KEEpER! I sure hope you dug out your Snoopy rod and joined in the fun…

Dennis Jones

…Don, can you recognize the type of fish that guy pulled outa the pond? He didn’t even use one of your patented lures to do it!

Don Jones

Is that a CRAPPY fish?

Dennis Jones

…you are absolutely correct, sir…

Doug Jones

It’s much easier to go to the store and buy some frozen fish. But I guess SOME people just like to sit around on buckets on frozen ponds for kicks… go figure…

Dennis Jones

…uhm, I think those fish were pretty much frozen solid as soon as they came up outa the water, Doug… and come on now, who doesn’t enjoy sitting on a bucket on a frozen pond in sub-zero weather…

Doug Jones

uh… that would be me. I prefer the South where we sit around on buckets and watch kudzu grow on things.

Don Jones

Those aren’t rods… they’re FISH STICKS!

Dennis Jones

…the guy with the fish is not smiling… that fish was biting his thumb really hard and that’s actually a grimace… or maybe a Mayor McCheese…


Dennis, you are right, about not seeing this type of thing in Texas. When it gets really cold in the United States of Texas, we stay in where its warm. Besides our Crappy make that little guy look like bait.

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