Prolifik Films

December 31, 2009


When Karen and I were first married, we bought a house deep in the Missouri Ozark woods and I started my freelance career from there. Most freelance artists move closer to big cities where work is flowing. Not me! Using my superior thinkin’ skills, I decided to launch my freelance career from the very middle of Nowhere U.S.A.

Way back then nobody… NOBODY worked at home. If you worked at home you obviously didn’t have a job. These days it’s commonplace to work at home, and work for yourself to boot.

As they say, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree. My oldest son Nick just launched Prolifik Films, and is now working at home as a freelancer. One of the side projects that he and I are working on is a motion graphic comic book. I had no idea there was any such thing as a motion graphic comic book two months ago and now I’m in the middle of developing one withProlifik Films.

Their new web site is up, so if you’re curious about his work, run on over and take a look. Prolifik Films

The Comments


That is cool,a motion comic book,I can’t wait to see that. So much to learn.

Don Jones

i am an official Prolifik Films Fan on FaceBook. Say that real fast, three times…

Dennis Jones

…using my superior thinkin’ skills, I just shoveled the snow off my driveway… wearing clogs… and no socks…


I am the official medical director at BRO-JO what color are your toes Dennis? How many fingers am I holding up?

Dennis Jones

…how many fingers… hard to tell… of course, it would probably help if I took off my Avatar 3-d glasses…

Dennis Jones

…’cause it looks like you’re holding up four hands and about fifteen and a half fingers…


You got it.. I guess your o.k.

Don Jones

Avatar? I just watched the first Lord of the Rings flick last night…

Dennis Jones

…Lord Of The Rings? …if you started that movie last night I’m guessing you’re probably still watching and almost to the end of it…

Doug Jones

I need to watch LOTR again. LOTR is what all of us cool peeps call it. I watched original Get Smart episodes from season 1 last night. They are even better that I remember! Wonder who put that in the Dube bridge gift mix?

Don Jones

Today is BIRTHDAY EVE for Dougie boy… the anticipation is killing me… sort of.

Dennis Jones

…LOTR was on TV last night and I spontaneously LOL… fwi…

Dennis Jones

…I meant fyi …I’m not sure what fwi means…

Dennis Jones

…oh, yes I do… Fort Wayne International Airport… I knew that sounded familiar…

Don Jones

That’s FYB funny. Fill Your Britches.

Dennis Jones

…TMI, Don, TMI…


Fort Wyane International Airport! LOL! Greatness!


Can’t wait to see this comic book thingy you’ve got cooked up your sleeve!

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