The12DaysOf Fishmas Day11

December 22, 2009


On the eleventh day of Fishmas ole Socmo gave to me… eleven crustaceans griping… ten dolphins leaping… nine crabs a dancing… eight fish a flipping… seven seahorse swimming… six long nose fishies…

…five octopuses…

…four yellow fish …three lobsters …two dim sea turtles …and a clown fish in a blue sea…

The Comments


We’re getting used to this prolific posting. What will you do for an encore?


What happened to all the other posts?

Don Jones

The big twelfth day payoff is right around the corner… woo woo!


I sent my letter to Socmo.. I have been sort-of-good this year..


Personaly I don’t trust Socmo,I think he might pull the wool over my eyes.

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