The12DaysOf Fishmas Day2

December 15, 2009


On the second day of Fishmas ole Socmo gave to me… two dim sea turtles…

…and a clown fish in a blue sea…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Is a Fishmas tree covered in moss, old fishing lines and crappy lures?


This is gonna be a COOL 12 Days!! Are most of the bubbles coming from the backside??

Dennis Jones

…Jeff, the Brothers Jones are notorious for building up high expectations and then failing to deliver, so don’t get too excited…

…Doug, you should remember this because you were actually taking notes at our last Brother Jones Bored Meeting… I do the song, Don puts up the tree on his page because he has the leftover crappy lures, and you supply the egg nog for our visitors…

Don Jones

I had to dig for those old lures but am happy to report… SUCCESS!

Dennis Jones

…please visit lil’ brother Don’s to see our beautiful Brother Jones Fishmas tree and dont forget to drop by big brother Dougs page for a complimentary egg nog on your way out

Don Jones

Two yuletide trap doors in that comment… nice touch.

Dennis Jones

…you’ve got an egg nog mustache again, Don… what will our visitors think of us?


Awesome dudes! The texture is intersting.

Don Jones

We set standards that no family activity can live up to…


I vote for a shark on at least 1 day…

Dennis Jones

…I don’t know Jeff, that’s a little scary for Fishmas… how would the little children feel when they opened their Fishmas socks on Fishmas morning and found sharks in them?


With your cartoon touch I’m sure even a shark would be charming..

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