The12DaysOf Fishmas Day3

December 16, 2009


On the third day of Fishmas ole Socmo gave to me… three lobsters…

…two dim sea turtles… and a clown fish in a blue sea…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Ol SocMo is passing out a slimy Christmas this year it seems…

Dennis Jones

…Socmo kinda lost his grasp on reality several years ago…


As long as Socmo knows how to melt butter, I’ll help deal with the Lobsters.

Dennis Jones

…I’d eat an old shoe if I could dip it in melted butter…


Awesome,this makes me want to go eat at Red Lobster.

Don Jones

This lobster is a tad too happy… must not reached the boiling point yet.

Dennis Jones

…Socmo’s got the stock pot on the stove and the waters heating up… it’s only a matter of time before this lobster’s attitude heats up…

Doug Jones

you should give up the Cintiq and paint with Q-tips like I do. I have a giant box of them from Costco.

Dennis Jones

…sacrilege! …I will never go back to painting with q-tips. …they leave way too much hairy residue in the finished artwork.


All I use for painting is Black and White Spray Paint, Big Number stincils and a Speed Limit Sign…Then sit back and watch the fun..

Doug Jones

but have you ever tried cleaning out your ears with a Cintiq? It’s quite painful.

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