Home Grown Indiana Fungi

November 2, 2009





It’s fungus growing season here in beautiful northeastern Indiana! Every fall, tourists flock to the hoosier state to see our fabulous fall fungus growing in it’s natural environment. These two treasures were found in the front yard and the woods behind our house. Indiana is quite the wonderland this time of year… Indiana is quite the wonderland any time of year…

The Comments

Don Jones

What do you do with those things? Put ‘em in a salad or mulch ‘em with the mower?

Doug Jones

What’s the big deal? It rained so much in my neighborhood this summer that you could just drive down the street and see mushrooms growing in everybody’s yard. I think you should try to punt that big one through the uprights for extra points.

Dennis Jones

…oh yeh… well, do your Nashville shrooms have hockey pucks growing in them like the Indiana ones do? …huh? …do they?

Doug Jones

well, no… around here they are full of guitar picks. you have to spit them out like seeds. Vince Young ate one yesterday that seemed to help him out a bit.

Dennis Jones

…he actually had a surprisingly good day… I was happy for him…


You might try a 9 iron on the first one and go straight to the slaphot on the second one..

Dennis Jones

…the first summer that we moved up here, Karen and I decided to plant a garden…

…Karen came home with an entire flat of tomato plants (about 36 plants if I remember right) and if memory serves me correctly, those plants produced 16 kazillion tomatoes… We couldn’t even give them all away, so I did take a hockey stick to a ton of them…

…my youngest son, Pete, recently found some old video footage he shot of me demonstrating the proper way to execute a tomato slap shot…

Don Jones

The beginnings of the patented and delicious Weasel’s SlapShot Salsa.


Good idea, bang all the ingredients up against the garage door, snow shovel them up, put it in a jar.. Packed with yummy goodness


Of course the “Weasel’s slap shot salsa” must have a creative label.


And have a really cool distict looking jar like no other and lettering…

Dennis Jones


I’ll take a case..I want the extra chunky..Thats when you don’t sweep the driveway before you make a batch.

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