Hot Dog Slinger

October 29, 2009


Brother Jones Rule Number One. When all else fails, dress up an animal in people clothes. Works every time.

The Comments


I tried that once with our cat “Boo Kitty” 2-weeks of dressing changes and a few stiches later I decided, NOT SO GOOD!

Dennis Jones

…Jeff was sipping out of this mug as he was dressing his cat…

Doug Jones

I was just driving to the store to get milk and bread and looking at BrotherJones on my laptop on the way… and drove 150 miles past the store! Dang… I hate when that happens….

Dennis Jones

…at least you weren’t asleep… or… whatever…


I wonder if I would get away with that excuse at work? “We were heading for your spleen Mr. Jones, but we got sidetracked.”

Don Jones

I’m wearing the HoT DoG SlinGer costume tomorrow!

Dennis Jones

…over 10 years living in this Indiana corn field and we’ve had a grand total of zero trickertreaters…

…this, of course, does not stop me from insisting that we be prepared just in case by buying lots and lots of my favorite kinds of candy…

…what’s a fella supposed to do with all that candy when no one comes for it, you can’t let it go to waste… ok, I’ll eat it…

Don Jones

Eggcellent Stategery Dennis.


Chow down on some candy corn.YUMMY!


I let the kids cover a three block area then take 10% off the top.

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