2009 Video Sketchbook

July 20, 2009


The Brothers Jones got together in Mountain Grove over the 4th of July and while there, Doug was looking through my sketchbook and said, “you should put a video of this up on the internets for the peoples to see” and not being one to disregard my older brother’s advise… here it is.

As an experiment I loaded the video into my comment section below, and also onto YouTube, Blogger, and Vimeo to compare and contrast the quality. I think the best view is here on Vimeo.

The Comments

Dennis Jones


I loved the video, I would love to see some of those spreads in higher res to appreciate them more.

The Norm

Have you thought about putting a book together of all your sketches to sell? I’m more interested in how you came up with the ideas…


I’m calling in a sighting of Indiana Bigfoot, Elvis and a Rooster that had WAY TOO MUCH STARBUCKS.

Don Jones

Good stuff… the production quality and editing worked really nice Clark.

Doug Jones

mega dittos… I like how you wrote backwards on some pages like Leonardo…

Dennis Jones

…Don, I was about to throw the new 2009 i-Movie out the window and reinstall the super easy to use ‘06 model, but this weekend I finally got the thing semi-figured out…

…Doug, I was going to put up single pages but the format was too wide, so I created two page spreads, but had to flip half of them to keep the spine in the center…

…Jeff, you have a good eye… you did see an Indiana Bigfoot in there, and most of the other pictures that eventually end up on this page…..David and Norm…thanks for the ideas… perhaps those things will show up here someday…

Joel Haase

You really should get a sketchbook printed up for us fans… You have some phenomenal work. You should contact Alberto Ruiz over at Brandstudio. He is a great guy, is beyond passionate toward art, and would be eager to help you out. Something to think about!!!!!

Dennis Jones

…thanks Joel… I saw Alberto’s digital work in a DRAWN magazine years ago and it was one of the things that inspired me to move on into the digital art world… he has really put together a great library of art books…

sidney meireles

Lindos trabalhos. Sou seu f.

Dennis Jones

…agradecimentos a voc, Sidney…


I had no idea you were Bilateral..Kung Pow Man…

Dennis Jones

…I have no idea what I said up there… hope I didn’t accidentally insult someone’s mother……


I think you were telling some dude named Sidney how to make a Mentos bomb with diet Coke..

Dennis Jones

…those are quite refreshing after a little spicy kung pow…

Doug Jones

I will be posting my sketchbook, but so far I only have 2 pictures colored. Can I borrow your orange crayon?


My sketchbook is posted all around the nation on the side of freight trains. “spray paint” is getting expensive.

Dennis Jones

…I believe I saw some of your work roll by just the other day…

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