August Imaginefx Magazine

August 10, 2009


Steve Harpster sent me a kind email saying he had kinda lost track of me, (the story of my life) but when he saw the short blurb about my website in ImagineFX he had rediscovered me. A short blurb? … in ImagineFX? …Wha…? I didn’t know anything about any short blurb in ImagineFX. I sprinted out to Barnes and Noble, picked up the August issue and sure enough, right there on page 26, bingo! I am apparently on their radar for some odd reason. Thanks for the heads up, Steve.

The Comments

Don Jones

Here we go, Gothic Art… Cow with an uzi… Dennis, this is fantastic press. Keep up the good work.

Doug Jones

The cover says “Paintings that Pop” that’s probably why they put your gun toting cow in there…

Dennis Jones

…my two boys both call me pops… maybe that’s it…

Doug Jones

I find it curious that we can change our headline title and fix whatever bug we get sometimes that sends you off into spam city…

Don Jones

Have either of you two ever ingested SPAM? Seems I did once and it was really on the salty side…

Dennis Jones

…I used to ingest spam but then I went into my Preferences folder and turned on the spam blocker…

Don Jones

I do that too… but mine I find in the medicine cabinet and is called DiGel.

Don Jones

Excuse me for sounding and typing like an idiot.


Did that say $15.00 for 1 copy WOW! I’m sticking with comic books.

craig schutt

Guess I’ll have to hunt down that August issue, Dennis. I have been known to purchase a copy of ImagineFX every now and then. Strictly for the articles, you understand… Next thing you know that cow will pop up in an issue of Heavy Metal!

Dennis Jones

…I’ve bought quite a few over the past couple of years as I’ve tried to unravel the mystery of digital painting…

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