August 15, 2009


As pathetic as it may sound, I was all excited to watch the hometown Indianapolis Colts play a little preseason football last night. I only watched the first quarter. The Colts ran a grand total of 6 plays during that time while the Vikings drove the ball up and down the field at will. I shut the TV off in disgust, went upstairs and painted this fishmonger.

And, yes… he’s disgusted with the Colts defense, too.

The Comments

Don Jones

NFL Preseason… I just don’t feel it this year. I am curious about the Chiefs and their Patriot-imported QB… Not sure if I can stand to watch an entire game at this point. Where’s Lenny when you need him?

Dan Lietha

I liked the Vikes vs Colts game! Of course it makes a difference that I am a Vikings fan. The Colts usually don’t place winning preseason games as a priority, do they? The sad thing is my Vikes have not seemingly placed winning games during the regular season as a priority. So at the end of this upcoming regular season, you may still end up happy and me, not so much.

Dennis Jones

…hey, I think the Vikings got the real deal when they picked up Sage Rosenfels in the off-season… that guy literally shredded the Colts last season and the Texans should have won that game except Rosenfels decided to run for a first down in the fourth quarter, jumped up in the air, got smacked real hard, spun around in the air three times, lost the ball and the game… but seriously, before that he looked great… really!


is about the egles mike vike


is about the egles mike vike

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure that was a hot sports opinion… I’m just not exactly sure about what…

Dan Lietha

Just saw this on a Vikings web site: The loss Friday to the Vikings was the 17th time in the last 20 preseason games that the Colts have lost. Considering they have won 12 or more regular season games each of the last six years, it begs the question just how important is winning preseason games? To Colts, not very important.

Dennis Jones

…hey Dan, I’ve really only been a Colts fan since I moved to Indiana… I grew up in Missouri and my favorite team has always been the Kansas City Chiefs… so keeping in mind that we are around the same age, all I have to say is…

SUPERBOWL ‘69… Vikings-Chiefs… SCOREBOARD!!!


I don’t have to worry about it. Dallas has been mathmatically eliminated from NEXT years playoffs… And I believe the young Chelessa was talking about the Eagles new theme song “Who let the Dogs Fight” Who who who?

Dennis Jones

…hey, at least Dallas has a brand new multi-gajillion dollar football stadium where you can go watch the game on a gigantic TV screen!


No I’m helping pay for it so that means I will NEVER be able to afford to go. I want to build the largest stadium, make millions of dollars per year and I want the city of Arlington to pay for it.. and they said yes. WHAA?


By the way.. This would make a great background for my aquarium… Do ya mind?

Dennis Jones

…I would be honored to have my artwork grace your fine aquarium…

…and I feel your pain on footing the bill for that new football stadium… I had the privilege of helping to pay for the Rangers new stadium when I was temporarily a Texan…

Paul Taylor

Nice….now you know how I feel when I watch my beloved Buckeyes play in a bowl game. Nice work Dennis. By the way, years back I remember seeing a George Washington sketch you had done. Was that for a book or just for fun?

Doug Jones

Brett Favre has just signed a deal to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol… you read it here first!

Jon Slone

I’ve got a hilarious pic for you to try, maybe in your doodle book. One of the all time greats is Gene Wilder. Try a Dennis Jones rendition of him and his wild hair from 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Your take on that genius should be fun to peruse!


The only thin Jerry Jones needs to build is a few viable liver cells. Hic,,Burp,,


Thing…sorry, it looks like I’m the one who’s been drinking.

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