Flag Team Bullies

October 21, 2009


I teach a high school Sunday School Class. A couple of months ago, our youth minister stuck his head into my classroom and reminded the boys to sign up for his ESPN Online Fantasy Football League. A girl in my class said, “I want to play, but I don’t know how.” After class I told her to go ahead and sign up, go to the draft, get some players and I would run the team for her behind the scenes.

Since this girl is on the high school marching band flag team, I named our team the Flag Team Bullies and made the team colors pink in order to tweak the guys in the league. So far I’ve dropped and added 22 players, we’re averaging 100 points per game, and if our team had not lost a game by one stinking point, we would be 5 and 1.

Our one little football girl is creating quite a stir in our league.

The Comments

Doug Jones

would you like to take over the Titans?

Dennis Jones

…is this the Titans bye week? We can only hope it is for their sakes…

Dan Lietha

I thought your player was wearing his breast cancer awareness pink equipment. Looks like a lots of the NFL players from the last couple weeks. BTW. I would be 6-0 in my FF league if I had used the right quarterback this past week. I used Matt Hasselbeck who fizzled out at -2 points meanwhile I had Matt Schaub on the bench and he had 40 POINTS! ARGH! But my VIKES are 6-0, so it makes things OK. 🙂

Doug Jones

Last night Jeff Fisher appeared with Tony Dungy at a fundraiser here. On stage, Fisher ripped off his shirt revealing a blue #18 Manning jersey. He looked at Dungy and said, “I just wanted to feel like a winner” Some folks here were offended by this… my, my…

Don Jones

Running a terror of a FFL team via a young girl… I’m liking this… I must talk to Megan and get her in a league next year.

Dennis Jones

Doug, that’s pretty funny about Fisher in the Manning jersey. I hadn’t heard about that…

Dan, RUN MATT SCHAUB EVERY WEEK NO MATTER WHAT! I see the Texans on a pretty regular basis because they are in the Colts division and he has a gun for an arm- maybe the best quarterback in the league nobody has ever heard of.

Dan Lietha

OK Dennis. Matt Schaub is in from now on (barring injury and bye week). If I win my league, I’ll dedicate my trophy to you … and rip off my shirt to reveal a Dennis Jones Weasels Jersey because you are a winner!

Don Jones

Dan, let’s keep the clothes on here. No use scaring the small children visiting this site.

Dan Lietha

Don, I’ll keep my clothes on. And truth be told, there is no trophy for the winner of my league. 🙂

Dennis Jones

…oh Don, you went and ruined all the fun… that woulda been the first Weasels jersey I sold all season…

Don Jones

I thought the official Weasel jersey was in fact… NO JERSEY with a big red-orange W painted on your stomach.

Dennis Jones

…people do tend to be pretty surprised when they order Weasels jerseys from us and we ship them a bottle of orange acrylic paint…


I ordered my official Weasels jersey kit only to find out I can’t paint looking down at my belly….Go M.

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