Fort Wood Indiana

October 19, 2009


I spent Saturday choppin’ n splittin’ wood and while I was at it I built this totally awesome wooden fort just in case Canadians decide to cross the border and try to pillage my totally awesome stash of Krispie Kreme Donuts.

The Comments


That looks like WAY too much work.. I’ll stick to my cardboard box design.. Hows the hands?

Don Jones

This is some of your best work Dennis… and with a Stihl, not a Cintiq!

Dennis Jones

…I was using the Cintiq to start with, but had to switch to a splitting maul…

Doug Jones

Jeff Fisher is looking for a hide-out fort just like this… someplace where Bud can’t find him. Do you accept reservations?


I’m not sure Canadians are the threat here. Don’t they surrender after crossing any border? No thats the French.

Dennis Jones

…just got back from the store… Karen said she was making soup tonight and I could either go to the grocery store for ingredients at 5 o’clock when I was done with work and we could eat later… OR… I could go right then (at 2 o’clock) and we could eat earlier… I grabbed my coat and sprinted out the door ‘cause the earlier you can eat, the better your chances are of eating a little bit more later…

Don Jones

Double down on the eating and you can always take a nap prior to going to bed. Always worked for Dad.


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