I Am Spartaweaselcus

October 15, 2009


The story had reached its sad conclusion. Spartaweaselcus and his rebel band of olive pickers were trapped and surrounded by the mighty Romaine Lettuce Army. Julius Weazer galloped up on his fearsome war armadillo and demanded, “which one of you is Spartaweaselcus?” To his astonishment, each rebel one after the other answered, “I am Spartaweaselcus.” Unable to determine which one actually was the former gladiator, Weazer confiscated all of their olives and set sail for the new world where he opened a successful chain of Olive Garden Restaurants and Spartaweaselcus lived to eat pizza another day.

The Comments


Nice chin..

Dennis Jones

…trying to stay true to the original version of this story…

Don Jones

I’d give anything for a belt like Sparaweaselcussesss.

The “Ripleys” Guy

That right arm looks vaguely familiar…Is that where Under Armor got that thing they put on Adrian Peterson in the commercial????


WOW! That is GREAT! Love the sword and he reminds me Tom Cruise!


Who was ever scared of Tom Cruise? Clearly Kirk Douglass was much more intimidating.


I’m just sorry the epic has to end.

Dennis Jones

…Jeff, you’re the one that started this whole mess with those nutty comments a couple of posts back. You got the story bouncing around in my head and then I had to put pictures to it…


Hello! You are great man. Really one of my favorite illustrators. Keep on.


This has been a really fun picture set..


You can call these segments, “Twisted History” we will have even more kids failing history tests.

Dennis Jones

…we can add the theme music from “Fractured Fairy Tales” to them from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show to really punch em up…

Dennis Jones

…thanks Apollojet!


Good idea.. If we are going to warp young peoples minds with Twisted history, we should have theme music..

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