Melon Head

July 7, 2009


One night we were having a “cultural exchange” with the Malaysian people, so I decided to share a little Brother Jones culture by carving up one of the watermelons.

The Comments

Don Jones

I would’ve liked to have seen a big, bad butcher knife protruding out of the top of this old happy melon. Not sure what that would communicate to our Malaysian friends…

Doug Jones

so… you introduced our Malaysian friends to dremeling watermelons. Cool.


At some point in the dinner, you had to split his noggin open and everybody share in eating the contents.. Not sure you will be on the Re-Invite list..Kinda cool looking though.. If Koolaide comes out with water mellon flavor you already have a spokesperson.

Dennis Jones

…yes, it was indeed sad (and a bit disturbing) when it came time to eat melon head…

Don Jones

The fine craftsmanship of your melon head in turn makes the fruit brain food.

Doug Jones

look…. actual comments happening on all pages!  a miracle!

Dennis Jones

…it’s a Festivus Day MIRACLE!

Don Jones

I can hardly believe it myself. We either must be underemployed or desperate for entertainment… OR BOTH!

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