Miami Vice

August 26, 2009


My wife and I decided to do one last something before the summer was over, so we flew down to Miami and floated around in the water for a week. We did have one celebrity sighting… Dennis Rodman in all his glory. Of course, now I’ve got a soar throat and am sneezing, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for a little R & R on the beach… or perhaps that’s the price you pay for standing next to Dennis Rodman… not sure which.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Congratulations! You were selected to bring Swine Flu back from Miami to the poor folks of Indiana. They will forever be in your debt.

Dennis Jones

…can you get swine flu from bacon?… ‘cause we have half a gajillion tomatoes coming out of the garden right now and we’re eating BaconLettuceTomatoSandwiches like there’re going outa style…


As the official Medical consultant of Bro. Jones, No you cannot get the “Pig Fever” from eating bacon. However standing next to a hygiene bomb such as Rodman can lead to some serious problems. If you doubt the factual nature of my comment, just look up a current picture of Madonna..


I like the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is in the hospital and he walks in a room to see a person who he thinks is a pigman, and the government is creating a race of “Pig Warriors”..LOL

Don Jones

Ironic you mentioned Miami Vice… a friend from church was dining in downtown Aurora, MO at Bootleggers last week and in the booth next to him was Don Johnson (Miami Vice). He was home visiting his mother in Crane, MO.

Dennis Jones

…hey Jeff… Hurricane Bill messed up our return flight from Miami and we got stuck in Texas and had to spend the night in Arlington… if it hadn’t been so late, I woulda given you a call…


I worked in surgery 24 years remember? Late is not an issue…I could have saved ya hotel costs at least.

Dennis Jones

…it was that 24 years of surgery that landed you the plum job of official Medical Consultant to Brother Jones, you know…

Don Jones

Dr. Jeff,
I have a slight pain in my left elbow and I don’t even play tennis… please diagnose and forward a prescription to relieve this pain. Thanks.

The “Ripleys” Guy

Don, Don Johnson is my wife’s cousin so if you ever need him to play in the HAH Tour, just let me know! His grandfather and her grandmother were brother and sister, so they are obviously pretty close… (NOT) Believe It or Not!


Don, this is an easy fix. Switch the remote control to your right hand and the pain should go away towards the end of football season.

Don Jones

I don’t believe it… yes I do. It’s a small world, especially down here in the sticks of Christian County.


Dennis, Please add my son to your prayer list at church Sunday..It looks like his brain tumor has reoccurred..

Dennis Jones

…so sorry to hear about that, Jeff…

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