Spartaweaselcus the Hoplite

October 5, 2009


For years I pencilled on watercolor paper because I rendered with watercolor. With my switch to digital coloring I am no longer chained to drawing on that inferior surface.

I’ve recently been experimenting with all kinds of paper to do my pencil work on. I love bristol but it’s a bit pricey. Brother Doug uses laser copy paper. I tried some of that. Not bad. The other day I was killing time in Staples and noticed they had a 32 pound laser paper that’s 25% cotton. It comes in white and ivory (looks yellow to me). I bought a package of the ivory and I really like the feel of it. This hoplite was my first experiment using it.

The Comments

Dennis Jones

…we’ve been having a problem with spam over on brother Don’s page for a couple of weeks now and I’m guessing Keegan came in with some extra thick duct tape and fixed it but in the process all the comments on my page were deleted so I just wanted everyone that posted here to know I didn’t delete your comments… I liked your comments… there were some really funny comments on this page… they might have been the best bunch of comments made this year… perhaps the best comments ever made in the history of Brother Jones commenting ever!… unfortunately they became a casualty in our fight with spammers… oh, the humanity…

Don Jones

I’m hearing you Dennis. In our ongoing battle against the evil, viagra-selling SPAMmers, there will be losses. But, we must hold our blog high, and continue to wage war against those that are trying to sell something here. On second thought, maybe they can help us move some of our overstocked shelves at the Brother Jones Cafe Press store?


Just put Spartaweaselcus and his army on them..

Dennis Jones

…we did have Spartaweaselcus as our primary defense against spam and those are indeed three despicable spam arrows stuck in his shield… the problem was Don was taking on thousands of spam comments a day and poor Spartaweaselcus was simply overrun…


Good to hear – here I was thinking you fine folks didn’t like me anymore. Whew!


Historically Spartaweaselcus led an army of migrant olive pickers on a crusade through northern Italy taking over pizza shops right? Only Julieus Wheezer and the Roman Army could stop him..I’m not sure, I failed history.

Don Jones

Jeff, that is my kind of history. I remember ol’ Wheezer and his Olive brigade just like that!


I AM Spartaweaselcus.. no I am Spartaweaselcus…

Dennis Jones

…I’m going to take all the comments Jeff has made on my page over the past few years, string em all together, add pictures and make me the biggest baddest graphic novel ever!


I am all about the history thing..

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