TuhTONKa Fire Engine

September 16, 2009


Our dad was from Oklahoma and we have some Indian blood in us from his side of the family. I was always fascinated by this and quizzed him constantly about what specific tribe we were associated with. All he would ever say was, “I hope it was Cherokee, but I’m afraid it was Apache”.

After doing exhaustive research into this subject, I have concluded it was neither Cherokee or Apache… it was TuhTONKa. As we know from the movie “Dances With Wolves” (which is where I did the bulk of my research) tuhTONKa means buffalo… or dumb bear… I probably need to watch that again to firm up my conclusions.

Anyway, above we see the TuhTONKa medicine man DancesWithWeasels, styling in a pair of high top Chuck Taylor moccasins.

The Comments

Doug Jones

yes, I recognize this guy from our backyard Pow Wows in the “Grove.” I always like it when the weasels join in… it makes every dance just that more exciting! ~ StandsWITHaFISH

Dennis Jones

..good to hear from you StandsWithaFish!

…wasn’t little brother Don’s indian name StandsToPee? …I can’t remember…

Don Jones

Wrong again WeaselWacker… my indian given name was: High Steppin’ RabbitSmasher.

Dennis Jones

…sorry HiSteppinWabbitSmasher…

Don Jones

Yes, that was indeed pronounced Wabbit. Weally weirud I forgot that…


I had plenty of Tuh TONKA trucks growing up.. Does that count?? If so my name shall be Big Chief Tablet

Dennis Jones

…in the sacred Brother Jones Circle Of Trust Lodge you shall be known from this point on as…

BigChiefTablet… congratulations…


Is that war paint on his face or rabid Weasel bite marks? I’m pretty sure weasel bites can transmit the dreaded “Pig Fever”.

The “Ripleys” Guy

Off subject a little…received the “new” Toddler Read Bible yesterday and the GDaughter loves it!! Thanks, StandsInAFog

Dennis Jones

…in the sacred Brother Jones Circle Of Trust Lodge you shall be known from this point on as…

StandsInaFog… congratulations

Don Jones

StandsInAFog, Easier to see Toddler Bible if you defog your bathroom and lay off bean diet. HIghSteppinWabbitSmasher

Dennis Jones

…in the sacred Brother Jones Circle Of Trust Lodge you shall be known from this point on as…

HiSteppinWabbitSmasher… congratulations

The “Ripleys” Guy

Trust me HiSteppinWabbitSmasher, it goes well beyond the bean diet. AND lets just leave it there!


hi, i just visit that wonderfull blog ! great stuff! your art is powerfull & lots of funny stuff with great characters!! no doubt i will follow your work 🙂 very inspiring ! all the best 🙂

Dennis Jones

…thanks, Kalonji

edward ernest

Awesome stuff here.I am working my way into the animation buisness. I was wondering if you can check out my blog when you have a chance and comment on my work.

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