The New Photoshop CS4

April 19, 2009


Ok, I’m back home working on a new computer, which means all my internet stuff is pretty much in shambles and has to be put back together. I also upgraded from Photoshop CS to Photoshop CS4 and I’m scrambling to get that thing figured out. It looks like it will do some pretty cool stuff. I put together a little 3 second experimental animation that you can see in my comment section below. I was pretty unsuccessful with figuring out the new I-Movie, but even though it’s an unsophisticated little video, it does show a lot of potential for what Photoshop CS4 is capable of doing.

The Comments

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

That is very interesting… mmm.

Tim Shirey

I saw a big difference just jumping from PS CS3 to CS4, so I’m sure you are over the moon now with making the leap from CS to CS4 (extended). Many great features you will appreciate as an illustrator! Besides jumping to CS4 recently, I’m also adjusting to the addition of Corel PainterX in my workflow alongside PS CS4. PS and Painter make a nice match! Now my oils, brushes, Prismacolors, gouache, canvases, etc. make for a nice “artsy display” for visitors coming by the office. 😉 I’ve been one of those “lurkers” quietly enjoying your blog & illustrations.

Dennis Jones

…here’s my experience with Painter, I fire it up every 2 or 3 months, get really frustrated with it, park it back in the garage and it sits there until I forget how frustrated I was with it, then I pull it back out and repeat the process…

…going from CS to CS4 was quite a leap in features for me, but nothing compared to my brother Doug who jumped from Photoshop 7 to CS4… his head must still be spinning…

Tim Shirey

I had similar past experiences with earlier versions of Painter! Not happy memories. 😦 I was surprised how “bearable” PainterX was to past versions but it still feels like pulling a mule cart through mud compared to PS CS4! I do about 90% of illustration work in PS and finish off with Painter. When I switched to PS from using gouache (+color pencil) I missed not having my toothbrush to flick paint on the paper. Once I created a new PS brush with the effect of flicking paint from a brush or toothbrush, then I was a happy camper.

Doug Jones

I miss my beloved PS7 sniff… but I have found the paint bucket in CS4 so all is well. : ) I would like a paint flicking brush… sound like fun! Is it a modified splatter brush? Den… there has got to be a better way to post video than putting it in the comments… dontcha think?

Tim Shirey

I created a page where you can see a description, samples, and download. Feel free to use it. I love to collect all kinds of PS brushes! …but whenever I looked on the Internet for spatter brushes, I only found brushes created from a scanned splatter “pattern”. That was fine for a “single click” splatter pattern, but not what I needed. I wanted something with individual drips customizable and created from within the PS brush presets. Enjoy your PS CS4. Since CS4 now directly accesses the graphic card, the major increase in speed from CS3 was like having a new computer upgrade.

Nick Jones Everybody

The SFX really take this video to level 11. I’ll start outsourcing my motion graphic work to you any day now….

Doug Jones

hey Tim, I downloaded that brush… can’t wait to give it a try. You have some great work on your site!

Dennis Jones

…wish I knew what SFX’s were…

Doug Jones

that’d be Sugar Frosted Xmen… my favorite cereal

Dennis Jones


Don Jones

Special Fried Xggs.


Very good your designs!! Congratulations- I admire your style and colors..


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