January 5, 2009


I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw this and thought it pretty much says about everything there is to say about Saturdays playoff game except maybe that THE REFEREES HANDED THAT GAME OVER TO THE CHARGERS IN OVERTIME…

The Comments


Very Fitting. I’ve been a Colts fan since they were in Baltimore while the Steelers were taking 40 years to get competitive. Even though I was not looking forward to playing Peyton again, I still couldn’t root for S.D. Like Pitts, it seems you guys could use a running game…they convert that 3rd and 2 at the 2:00 warning mark and the game would have been over.


Being from San Diego myself, I tend to disagree with you both and as far as the Referees they didn’t hand anything over to the Chargers Mr. Jones. If you were watching this game you would of noticed that the Chargers came back after the Sproles fumble on the Colts 2 yard line in the third quarter. They tie the game and then went on to win. all in all it was a good game. Now, the question is will they be able to do anything against the Steelers, HMMMMM? I’ll be watching.

Don Jones

A preconscious photographic prognostication of Peyton’s Colts and their precipitous playoff plastering. (My new year’s resolution is to use big P words)

Dennis Jones

…Zaz …my new years resolution is to use more hyperbole on this page, so that’s where my fiery rhetoric came from… the Colts weren’t going anyplace anyway because they haven’t been able to generate a running game all year…

…I love that little Sproles guy… back during the Kansas City Chiefs hay days (late 60’s early 70’s), they had mini-backs like Warren McVay, Wendell Holmes, and Mike Garrett that ran behind a massive offensive line, and what the Chargers have going right now with Sproles looks a lot like that to me…

…plus, the Chargers baby-blue retro uniforms are the best in the league… they should play in those all the time…

Don Jones

Den, you forgot the most prestigious, pygmy Chief of them all… SUPER GNAT! Noland Smith


Unfortunately for San Diego there baby-blue retro uniform may not help them next week against the steel curtain of old, but I agree the uni’s will make them look good if nothing else. Have you heard anything about Dungy retiring, that would be a complete bummer for the world of Football…a great coach and an even greater human being, ya know,role model stuff for the young. Hope it not true what we’re hearing here in Chi town.

Dennis Jones

…Tony ultimately wants to go into some sort of full time ministry but he says once he quits football he’s not coming back to it, so he kinda struggles with the finality of that kind of huge decision every year…


Ed Podolak wasn’t exactly tall either.

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