Monkeys, Marge… MONKEYS!

January 22, 2009

PacRim1 PacRim2 PacRim3

…so Karen and I dropped into this Hindu place with a great big gold statue out front and rather than climb the six gazillion steps that led up the mountainside, we opted to snack on tea and curry in the restuarant that was there and I said, “this looks just like a place I saw on The Amazing Race” and the guy we were with said, “it is!”

As we were leaving I noticed some of the statues were moving, but they were not moving… it was monkeys… MONKEYS!!! …monkeys crawling all over the place! I sprinted over to them, jumped right into the middle of the action and started snapping pictures. Karen finally had to come over and drag me away.

The Comments

Terry Elliott

Dang, you guys have pretty cool restaurants in Indiana. I hope this Hindu place goes national!

Don Jones

Karen and Dennis, I’m sorry to tell you but you’re the last to arrive in the humble and snowy cornfields of Huntington, Indiana. I’ve been striking the same pose as that hopped up Golden Thang-a-majigger. It’s obvious he has a strained lower abdomen. Am I late for the meeting?

Dennis Jones

…the meeting is over on your page Don, but as acting commissioner, you have to call it to order…

Don Jones

I’ve requested the attendance of the good Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether.


Didn’t climb the steps? You’re either wimpy or pretty smart. After studying the photo, I’ll opt for smart.


I just realized, that’s one BIG statue. Yikes.

Dennis Jones

…lots of steps AND 90 plus degrees outside PLUS tons of humidity… I’ve personally always been a really big fan of air conditioning and soft chairs…

Doug Jones

I am glad to see that monkeys like Pringles! It gives me a warm feeling just knowing that.

Don Jones

That littl monkey has the best, well-groomed handle bar stache ever!

Dennis Jones

…do you remember seeing this place on Amazing Race? …it was the season with the beauty queens…

Doug Jones

did you count all those steps, Den? if not you have to go back and count them before you can check in…

Dennis Jones

…great googly-moogly…

Don Jones

MINKEY??? You said MINKEY!!! Clouseau: “Yes… a Chimpanzee Minkey”

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