Weasel Chop

February 5, 2009


When the Brothers Jones were growing up, we watched a children’s program on tv that featured Shari Lewis. She was a ventriloquist and her most famous sock puppet was named Lamb Chop. I have decided to pick up where she left off with my brand new sock creature, Weasel Chop.

Weasel Chop from Dennis Jones on Vimeo.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Amazing! I never saw your lips move!

Dennis Jones

…I’ve been practicing…

Don Jones

Who writes your material? Even though it’s a rehashed joke, I just can’t stop laughing.

Dennis Jones

…try pressing the little directional arrows in the lower right hand corner next to the Vimeo logo… I did and was shocked with what I got…

Doug Jones

I ended up on an island with an H bomb…

Dennis Jones

…I’ve been listening to a bunch of LOST podcasts lately… I’m thinking about doing my very own VIDEO Lost podcast… it will just be me and Weasel Chop formulating crackpot theories on where we think the show is headed…

Doug Jones

I have mixed feelings about LOST podcasts. Not knowing, and wondering what the heck is going on is half the fun. The podcasts just fill my noggin with lots of speculations and other folks opinions of what’s gonna happen… and THEY don’t know. BUT… WeaselChop… now THAT guy knows all… bring on the podcast!

Dennis Jones

…coming soon …the Uncle Denny & Weasel Chop LOST podcasts… we don’t know what happened to them… lost I guess…

Bernard Molek

They say that art is always evolving…gotta say that’s certainly true over here at Jones Bros. since I was last here. You forgot the heavy eyeliner that Cheri used to wear.

Dennis Jones

…Bernard, it’s hard to get that eyeliner on when you’ve got a puppet in one hand and a camera in the other… I tried, but I ended up looking like Alice Cooper…

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