October 23, 2008


Dennis, Don, Doug

…yep, here we are back in ‘81… sportin’ hair and dreaming about making a million bucks on that newfangled contraption called the internets…

The Comments

Don Jones

I’m speechless. Here you’ve gone and exposed our little siamese twins plus one secret.

Doug Jones

I think you got that date wrong. Anyhoo… did we all get the same shirt for Christmas that year?

Don Jones

and matching underwear…


It’s the beardsly twins (er – triplets). Makes me miss my beard. Maybe it’s the angle of the shot and the shorter Christmas tree in the background but you three look awfully tall. Having never met a Bro. Jones in person (just over the Internets), that could be the case: maybe you are all over 7 feet tall. I betcha Sneakerologist could date those there Nike’s for a definitive answer to the photo’s date.


Thankfully (I hope) there’s no matching photographic proof of the matching underwear. tmi

Dennis Jones

…Doug, the back of that picture just says Christmas ‘81… I suppose it could be from Christmas 2081 and we mailed it back to ourselves from the future with a little note that tells us to get out of the stock market immediately and I’ve just misplaced the note somewhere… I don’t know…

Doug Jones

darn… I hate when we time travel and then forget to read the notes we write. Those white Nikes were my FAVORITE shoes for many a year… now I wear Crocs…. the end is near…

Jason Bourne

2081…LOL. Hey future Jones bros, could you send me back a flying car if you’re reading this.

Doug Jones

I think we should all go trick or treating this year like this. Where can we get some hair?

Dennis Jones

…Sherman, I jumped into the WAYBACK MACHINE and this image popped up…


You guys look like brother Gibbs doing country. Come to think of it they were around in the 80’s as well. Which one of you has that high pitch girl like voice?????

Dennis Jones

…whOa …the WAYBACK MACHINE just took a swerve into the ‘60’s…

Doug Jones

I’m still waiting on my royalties from making that album… SocMo bought an island in the Pacific with his moolah…

Dennis Jones

…aaARgg …I can’t seem to be able to steer the WAYBACK MACHINE back into 2008… I just shot right past it…

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