I’m Seeing Spots

December 8, 2008


This baseball picture is part of a spot illustration I did for the assignment I’ve been working on for the past month or so. I did a quick count this morning and I’m approach 200 spot illustrations for the project, and I’ve still got a whole bunch left to do.

You can see the YouTube Video here.

The Comments


whoa, that’s like 4-5 per day, everyday? Yikes! that’s allot of cintiq & Photoshoppin’ Must be a huge book?

Don Jones

I like the big views and close-ups edits… back and forth… Another winner!

Doug Jones

I’m still lost in the 60s…. who did that music?

Dennis Jones

…Doug, that’s an old Phil Keaggy song from I think the 80’s somewhere…

Doug Jones

so I’m still two decades behind…

Doug Jones

For me, this one was the most fun to watch. I liked seeing it build from the ground up… literally…

Dennis Jones

…don’t forget your fabulous “Socmo In Living Color” opening… with just a bit more spit and polish, we’ll be ready to launch our Brother Jones Music Video channel…


I hear ya Doug…me too. Dennis, are freehanding the color blocks in place w/Cintiq or making masks as you go along?

Dennis Jones

…Bernard, I am trying to keep my process just as simple as possible… 3 layers… the middle layer is the line work in multiply mode… the other two layers are in normal mode… I block color in UNDERNEATH the line work and then put the finishing touches on the TOP layer… no masks…


Yes! Simple is very good…because I probably don’t have to tell you that I am simple! Seriously, thanks for all you do to help us computer noobies.

Jason Bourne

Simple is better…I prefer this way of life also. This is great.

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