New Programming

October 16, 2008


My brother Doug is programming tv shows again over on his page. I really liked his current entry, so I colored it up on my lunch hour.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Nice. “The Weasel Wisper” sounds like the title of a great suspense thriller movie…

Doug Jones

Cool…. I wuz lookin’ for that Photoshop button that colorizes things, but couldn’t find it. You must know where it is!

Don Jones

Excuse me, those are Den’s patented, black, high-top Converse. Dennis, if you study this image closely, Doug has drawn you passing gas of some sort… Let’s keep this blog respectable Doug. We don’t want OSHA coming down on us for illegal emmissions.

Doug Jones

This is Dennis’ SPECIAL whispering he does…

Dennis Jones


…I just noticed something cool right now on our site… if you flip back and forth between Doug’s page and mine, Doug’s picture changes before your very eyes …it doesn’t take much to entertain a Jones…

Don Jones

LOL, That is rich… Speaking of our spoils, my brothers, have your IRAs dried up and vanished like the rest of the world’s? Not to brag, but I could retire today and live like a king the rest of my life… that is, if I die tomorrow.

Buddy Rich

badda ching!

Doug Jones

My friends… I have a plan that will give you a huge tax break and lots of money if you will just vote for me… and Joe the plumber will clean your drains, my friends…


I will be happy to plunge your toilets… and look to our beloved government to bail me out if my bad business venture goes down the crapper.

Jason Bourne

Now that Joe the Plumber is famous, he could run for President right now and win by a landslide.

Kyle Jones

I know this is on the wrong post but…

Dennis Jones

…HAH! …yup, that’s it! …thanks for digging that up Kyle, it made my Friday!


Hey your game is on the internet – now you’ll be real famous!

Don Jones

Why do stereotypical T.V. families always consist of Dad, Mom, one boy and one girl?

Doug Jones

the same game maker also made Gassy Gus… a real obvious tie in to Brotherjones…

Dennis Jones

…an obvious tie in to brother Dons first comment on this page, anyway…

Jason Bourne

I was thinking if I was President I would make Oreos and Kool-Aid famous the way Ronald Regan did his jelly beans.

Don Jones

Swank of an idear there Jayson Born.

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