NFL Films Presents

November 24, 2008


It’s Thanksgiving week and that means a whole lot of food, fun and football… so to get things kicked off right, here’s a YouTube video tribute to the legendary Sheboygan Wild Weasels.

You can see the video here.

The Comments

Don Jones

The painting… the music…. brilliant! I am pumped for Thanksgiving and I don’t know why.

Dennis Jones

…you don’t know why?? …here’s two words for you… WEASELS FOOTBALL!

Doug Jones

awesomeness dittos… a little tech question: do you do the darks with a brush on multiply? you don’t use the burn and dodge tools do you?

Dennis Jones

…I don’t do the multiply because it seems to add too much saturation… no burn, no dodge… I paint everything with the brush in normal mode…

Doug Jones

hmmm… we need a little Christmas time Cintiq workshop

Dennis Jones

…hey, my offer still stands… you get a Cintiq and I’ll drive down to Nashville and show you everything I know about it…. shouldn’t take more that 6 or 7 minutes…


Fantastic! You even had the music stop on time too! Are you back to work this week ( new pic/video ) or do we have to have Thanksgiving leftovers here at Bros. Jones?

Dennis Jones

…ha! …ok, Bernard… something new…


C’Mon Man ( Keyshawn )…you know if you give us an inch we will want a yard! Now, you’ve got us all the way up to painting videos…Jones seminars cannot be too far off.

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