Sneak Peek

October 21, 2008


I have noticed that a lot of artists will post snippets of the art they are currently working on and that somehow magically keeps them out of hot water with their publishers, so in that same spirit of walking right up to the line and then sticking your toe over it just to see what happens, I give you a snippet, sneak peek at the illustration I was working on early this morning… that would be four in the morning, eastern time…

The Comments

Jason Bourne

I love sneak peeks! This is a must see when finished…

Don Jones

Your architectural chops are amazing. I had to look that word up three time in order to spell right.

Doug Jones

hmmmm… I thought you knew how to spell chops since you eat them so often…

Dennis Jones

…you should see my karate chops…

Doug Jones

you eat pigs that know Katate?

Doug Jones

make that Karate….

Dennis Jones

…I kinda liked KaTAtee better…

Don Jones

I was hesitate to comment on “Katate” ‘cause I had never heard of it…

Dennis Jones

…remember Hi-Katate? …that was some pretty sweet cologne back in the day…

Don Jones

I recall one Christmas when Doug received a total of about 2 gallons of it…

Dennis Jones

…he’s currently working thru his last bottle… I think…

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