Tax Collector

December 16, 2008


In school I was taught that as an artist, I should work an entire painting up at the same time… but I’m not an artist, I’m an illustrator, and I’m using a computer now and not the old squirrel hair, sticks and mud… so I paint the stuff in the back first and the stuff in the front last. It’s fast and simple. Here’s a small spot illustration I did that shows what I’m talking about.

You can see the YouTube video here.

The Comments

The “Ripleys” Guy

Dennis, I love to watch those but you should put a warning about the scary video at the end!

Dennis Jones



Dennis, I agree… only Artists have to work up an entire painting at the same time. Just like only humans have to put on their underwear first! I’m a welder so I don’t even paint any underwear at all. Oh no…are we staying on topic here? Quick, Don and Doug get in here and change the topic before we seem like we’re all artists!!!!!!!

Doug Jones

You are amassing a bunch of these videos. I am considering doing one too… we’ll see… Hey, your approach makes the most sense to me. I have seen some painters (excellent oil painter types) that start in one spot and put on a finished stroke. Then they add the next correct stroke next to it and on and on till it is finished. I can’t imagine painting like that. (any hat tricks today?)

Dennis Jones

…no hat tricks today …how are you doing on your work? …are you going to be able to kick back and enjoy Christmas?

Doug Jones

got my major job done on Monday. I’m now sorting things out so I can hit the road on Friday.

Don Jones

That was a shocking ending. I’ve never seen credits roll like that.

Dennis Jones

…well, Don, in some circles I’m known as a pretty edgy film maker… well… crop circles…

Doug Jones

i’m still STUNNED myself…

Don Jones

The circles I run in are under my eyes.

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