Green Panda

August 12, 2008


Hey, I know what you’re saying… “Kung Fu Panda”, right? Wrong! This is not Kung Fu Panda. This looks nothing like Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fu Panda is black and white. This panda is green so it’s like totally different and it also has like a completely different name… Kung Pow Chicken Panda. It’s an entirely new concept I’ve been spending a lot of time on for the last several minutes…

The Comments

Doug Jones

it’s… it’s… Lung Flu Panda….

Dennis Jones

…no,no… Lung Flu Panda is the faithful sidekick… have you been peeking at my secret manuscript?


I also thought Kung Pow Chicken Panda’s side kick was Lung Flu Panda both taught by Master Moo Shoo Cow.

Jason Bourne

Ah, thats right. This panda wants to be then next Jedi Master I bet.


Hey Dennis, I was marveling at your latest work of art when all of sudden, out of nowhere like a freight train I think…Kung Fu Panda! I always was pretty sharp when it comes to guessing things like that.

Don Jones

No, no, no … this is Shanghainese Veggie Pizza Panda. I’d recognize him ANYwhere.

Dan Lietha

Incredible Kung HULK fu Panda!

Dennis Jones

…interestingly enough, the reason this panda is green is because he just finished eating one of those Shanghainese Veggie Pizzas…


I don’t understand…I have one of those in the freezer and it says good until 2525?

Doug Jones

upon further inspection, I believe this is NOT Lung Flu Panda. I see that he seems to be growing some nostrils on his shoulder. The green color is probably coming from them… in my professional opinion…


Doug, you sure those are nostrils…kinda looks like the Cheerios Bee?

Doug Jones

nope… my Spidey sense is telling me them thangs are nostrils…

Dennis Jones

…and the correct answer is…

Doug Jones

why is that dino smellin’ that penguin’s butt?


See! It wuz nostrils after all…eyes tole ya’ I gutz a sharp i fer deez thingz.


I think he should be called phlegm Flu Panda ~ has more alliteration to it.

Jason Bourne

“Phlegm Flu Panda” LOL  That has a nice ring to it… I like the deer and tiger.


can you tell if he’s sick

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