More Aviator Glasses

August 6, 2008


This is just another little exploratory venture into Cintiqland… and another effort to answer the burning question, “how fast can I whip something out”?

The Comments

Don Jones

Are you using a stop watch to time yourself?  What’s the big hurry on these Cintiq sketches anywho? Remember and repeat to yourself the Brother Jones mantra… “Live slow.”

Dan Lietha

Now ssssllllooowwwlllyyyy tell us the answer to that burning question!

Dennis Jones

…well, the answer to both questions is I didn’t time myself, but this was pretty darn quick…

…what I’m really enjoying about the Cintiq is that if I just have a few minutes here or there I can slap color down on a sketch loose and fast, it’s pretty fun, and it gives me a picture to post here and thats good because I’ve pretty much run out of things to write about here…


Morning Dennis, how long did this piece take you to do?


Well, you beat me to the punch my friend. Just when I sent my question you answered it with (pretty quick). Heck dude,I’m still at the stage of throwing color on my drawing then scanning it in to photoshop and dropping in highlights and shadows. So you see why your drawings are so cool for all of us to view.

Jason Bourne

Most excellent. I guess I need to buy me some aviator goggles.

Doug Jones

we really need to be selling steampunk goggles here, don’t we?

Dennis Jones

…I always try to wear mine when I’m workin’ the Cintiq…

Don Jones

I have a yellow-lensed pair I wear when installing spline into screens.

Dennis Jones

…I like to look at the world thru my rose-colored ones…

Don Jones

I wear a different pair with an orange lens when I fire up the StiHL weedwacker. One lens got busted out.


now, howd I know they were gonna be “GREEN” ? Curious though, how long did this take you…pretty quick is too vague because there are people that think that new Walmarts go up, “Pretty Quick” too?

Dennis Jones

…hmm, well, the sketch was already done, so I am guessing I piddled around with the color on this for maybe 15 minutes or so… (it’s a pretty loose finish)


Just jagging you Den…who cares how long. Your stuff is too cool for school but you should consider teaching or DVD’in it for some more trip money to Afirca or wherever next your going. Hey, I notice your quite the globe trotter…how do you swing that so much? Oh, I know…Cintiq sends you out on promotional excursions right?

Paul Harvey

Meek and self deprecating Dennis Jones, flying out of the small international airport of Fort Wayne, Indiana is in fact, a sophisticated, passport stamp collecting world traveler. He taps the Brother Jones Corporate credit card for all of his somewhat misguided, missionary endeavors. Over the years, he has acquired a nice bounty of Frequent Flyer credits which he swore he’d never use … that is, until he laid his myopic, near sighted eyes on the beautiful, sleek Cintiq. He immediately cashed in all the chips to purchase this large, Illustrating coloring marvel…

Now you know … the rest of the story.

Jason Bourne

Hummm..? Could you say that in Laymans terms…LOL.



Dennis Jones

…thats my guess, too… I think that Paul Harvey comment has brother Don’s fingerprints all over it…


Dennis, if there is a stiff penalty for MAIL fraud…I wonder what it might be for E-Fraud or maybe in this case, B-Fraud for Blog. I think if your found guilty of digital tampering one should lose one of their own digits?

Don Jones

It must be my healthy dose of adjectives that gives me away or SOMEthing?

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