All Next Week… maybe…

July 24, 2008


Coming soon to a Brother Jones web page near you… SHARK WEEK!!!

The Comments

Doug Jones

can’t wait! remember when that shark ate your arm off? good times… good times…

Dennis Jones

HA! …that was pretty funny!

Dennis Jones

…you really only need one good arm to do what we do, anyway…

Dennis Jones

…makes it kinda tough to go out sharkin’ tho…

Doug Jones

lucky you didn’t loose your good nose pickin’ hand that time…

Jason Bourne

I hear shark taste like chicken.


Who needs arms. real artists use their teeth. Is this a secret ploy to boost eyeballs to your site?

Dennis Jones

…is that a great white in the top right hand corner?

Doug Jones

it’s as white as you can get…


Dennis, the mouth piece goes on your mouth not on your chin and dude, what’s growing out of the mouth piece anyway????

Dennis Jones

…the mouth piece goes on your mouth and not on your chin?? …huh? …that must have been why I was having so much trouble breathing underwater…

Don Jones

Den, without oxygen your brain will die in a matter of minutes. Stick that mouth piece directly up your nose and BREATHE!!!

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