Excited Kitty

July 21, 2008


I made a square Photoshop brush that I’ve used on the last couple of things I’ve posted here and I’m really liking it. I think if I just tweak it up a bit more it could be a major player in my little arsenal of digital brushes.

The Comments


Dude, you are truly blessed. I like the highlights on the cats fur, done in pencil I think and his eye’s just pop a good use of color as always.  Huh…I don’t see Don or Doug’s comment yet, hmmm, I guess the cat got there tongues

Dennis Jones

…they’re scaredy cats…


Any chance in seeing in the future your batman done digitally. I love the way you did it by using Gouache…it would be interesting to see you with an arsenal of computerize brushes and great style with your background, what you’d come up with…maybe a joker instead, something your brothers can relate with 🙂

Don Jones

Yeooowwwww…. I am sorry to report that I failed to contribute to the box office SMASH Dark Knight this past weekend. I guess I will wait until it hits the RedBox at my local McDonald’s. Here kitty, kitty, kitty… Den, remember the time I was attacked by that crazy siamese cat at Aunt JoAnn’s house?


Great Expression! The cat musta seen your socmo collection!

Jason Bourne

WOW. That is swanky. The eyes are really awesome looking.

Doug Jones

man… it’s only Monday and I am already gettin dissed on this page! I’m just wondering what that cat is afraid of…

Dennis Jones

…well, Doug… I believe this kitten just saw an eight-legged cat and it had never seen an octi-puss before so it kinda freaked him out…

…and, yes Don, I remember when Aunt JoAnns cats cornered you against the fireplace and mugged you… what a cat-astrphe that was…

…James, I’m liking the way you got the cat talk cranked up on this page yesterday… you can’t have enough cat talk I always say…

Doug Jones

Felix… Krazy… Sylvester… Garfield… a little more cat talk for you…..


How ‘bout: “Rusty The Cat”

Dennis Jones

…don’t forget Morris… sorry, I’m being a copycat…


How about Kat-man-do…sorry it’s a West Coast thing.

Jason Bourne

I love Kit-Kat. Great stuff.

Dennis Jones

…it’s almost time for lunch… I’m thinkin’ catfish…


LUNCHTIME! How about some Chinese…which would certainly explain the cat’s reaction.

Dennis Jones

…mmmm …Chinese …delicious …hey, what’s happened to Brother Don? …where is that fatcat?


Some of that fur has a definite electric vibe to it. I dig it.

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