A Blue Klatooinian

May 27, 2008


I suppose it’s time to post something new, but I have nothing new to say… so I’m going to post an email I just received and hope the emailer doesn’t get mad at me…

(emailer) How in the world do you come up with all these characters and things? And advise for a want-to-be artist… finding little motivation lately…

(me) …after a while I sometimes just run out of ideas to draw… but I still want to draw, so I will find a book or magazine and start drawing what I see in them… I found a book on Star Wars a few months ago and have been doing a lot of those characters lately… at my moms house I found a magazine article on colonial Williamsburg and you will probably see historical characters popping up next from me… we can only get better at art by continual practice and experimentation, so find some subjects that interest you and keep pounding away at those drawing skills… Thanks for the email…

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Excellent question. I get drawing block as well and try to think up something different. You just keep on keep’n on.

Dan Lietha

I’ve been waiting on some Indiana Jones humor, being that YOU are THE Indiana Jones, of the Jones Brothers.

Dennis Jones


…I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but Doug says it’s pretty good…

Don Jones

What is this? The Doug Jones Vanilla Comment Show?

Dennis Jones

…Doug and I are working on getting one million comments posted on this page we don’t really care whether there are actual words on the comments or not, we just want the big numbers… if you would have attended the last Brother Jones board meeting you would have been up to speed on this issue…


Dennis, I’ve been waiting and hoping that my favorite team wins this years Stanley cup just to see your tribute sketch…but I’m I’m afraid we’re down 2 games to none right now and haven’t even scored a goal yet!


Uhhh what was the original question? And no, I’m not mad. Thanks for your quick response. You’re awesome! Ps 115:1

Dennis Jones

…thanks for giving me something to post, Cindy!

…Bernard, I think I’m slowly becoming a closet Penguins fan… Crosby, Malkin, and that goalie they drafted as a franchise player seem to all be working out pretty well… that’s a young team… and good… they should be competing for the cup for the next several years!

Doug Jones

did a little spring cleaning on your page today… swept all those pointless little comments under the rug… more room for hockey talk now….

Dennis Jones

…ah MAN… now I’m down to just 9 comments… well, now 10…

Don Jones

3 comments forward…. 4 comments back. That’s negativity as I see it.

Jason Bourne

This is #12. Whew. Can we still make it to a million…?

Dennis Jones

…I was really enjoying watching Doug try to post a picture here yesterday and was kinda hoping to be able to archive his efforts forever on this page… oh, well…

Doug Jones

ha haaaaaaa…. tough luck, weaselboy…

Dennis Jones

…I still don’t know what the picture was you tried to post…


Is this number 16?

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