June 11, 2008


…we don’t need no steeenking badjess!

…ok, so in addition to a brand new prescription of those tasty Malaria pills I love so much, I also just got shots for Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B. The health clinic awarded me the coveted, Batman Bandaid Of Courage, which I am still proudly wearing as a badge of honor…

The Comments

Nick Jones Everybody

whoa. I like. This should be 10 feet tall and in my entry way to welcome out of towners to Oklahoma…

Jason Bourne

One bad dude with some serious ammunition on him. Look out Rambo!

Don Jones

Den, you should’ve donated a couple of quarts of blood while you were at it… Little side tip: Stay off the ski slopes in Africa.

Dennis Jones

…my wing of the family does seem to have trouble with ski mountains in foreign counties…

Doug Jones

ahh… I just realized that is FLOWERS around the top of his hat… I thought his brains were ooozing out…. he’s gotta lotta ammo… can he shoot a french fry outta a squirrel’s mouth?

Dennis Jones

…here ya go Nick…


A nudder Fine Peace ‘O art but is he going back to the future? What’s with the fading edges? As for all those shots…I can’t say what I would have rather done and be religiously correct on a public blog but you must feel like one of them tomato pin cushin’s our grandmothers used to have, eh?

Dennis Jones

…pin cushins?! …we don’t need no steeenkin’ pin cushins! …we got my shoulders for that…

Gary Locke

FLOWER BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!! why didn’t i think of that!!??? FINE ILLO DR. JONES! LOVE THE CHIN HAIR.

Dennis Jones

…thanks, but I shaved this morning so no more chin hair… hey, if you people haven’t seen Gary’s work, do yourself a favor and click on his link above…


Too Late! I already did and WOW! Now I have another great place to stop for out-of-this-world artwork to look at. Great Stuff Gary. Have you parked the brushes yet to go digital or have you always been digital? 50/50, 60/40? I’m 20/20…with my glasses that is.

Don Jones

Just as long as you look like your Passport photo… you can get back into the U.S. in a few weeks… maybe.

Doug Jones

are you still hanging around the Webnet… or are you Out of AferKa?

Don Jones

I’ve got a feeling we are going to get tired of looking at this stinkin’ BadJess…


I’ll second the commotion!


Great Illo – fantastic melding of image and background texture – they really go well together. I also like your treatment of the hair – that mustache looks like it has a mind of it’s own. My only complaint is the brain ooze towards the top – glad I’m not the only one who saw that. That’s not good to look at before I go to lunch.

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