Black Tuesday

April 15, 2008


April 15th… the day I send all my money away to the IRS. I remember back in my college days when I worked at Silver Dollar City. One of the artists there always made his income tax check payable to the INFERNAL Revenue Service. He said they didn’t have a problem with that because they always seemed to cash the check. Still brings a smile to my face…

The Comments

Doug Jones

cool critter… but once again I am interested in your background. Looks kind of splotchy like real media… is this a PS brush?

Dennis Jones

…yep… a PS Brush…

Doug Jones

You got that Tom Lynch splatter thing going with that brush. Which reminds me…. ol’ Tom is coming to Nashville for some watercolor workshops. Come on down and we can go have a visit and eat some carrots with him…

Jason Bourne

Greatness! All the bumps give make it interesting. I guess that is what I would look like if I worked in the IRS for a few months…

Don Jones

Infernal… that is funny. I heard on the radio that the average tax return is around $2,400. Obviously, I am way below average with a $0 return and looking to borrow cash for my hefty IRS debt. He ain’t heavy… he’s my debt laden brother….

Dennis Jones

…Tom Lynch, eh? …I’m still pretty bitter about losing to him in the little one on one basketball game we had during a lunch hour… I may have to show up and challenge him to a little one on one hockey game… I believe a firm cross check in his back should settle the score for me just fine…

Doug Jones

yeah… he wiped the floor with you. He IS from Chicago you know… he might have some hockey moves himself…

Dennis Jones

…hmm …I’ll be sure to check into his hockey abilities before I officially challenge him to anything…

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