Cintiq Glove

April 23, 2008


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. I love working on my new Cintiq. Your hand rests right on the screen and all the action takes place under your pen so it has a very traditional feel to it.

I walked into my studio the day after I got my Cintiq and it’s screen was so greasy I thought someone had been frying bacon on it. Hmm… must have been my greasy hands on the screen… what to do? Quit eating chips while I work? Never! …what to do? …what to do?

Well, what I did was what any right thinking American would do in a situation like this, I went to Walmart to look for an answer… and buy another bag of chips. I found a 99 cent jersey glove, cut out all the fingers but one, and walla… a Brother Jones Custom Cintiq Drawing Glove. Works great, is quite elegant and surprisingly is also appropriate for formal wear.

The Comments


Ya, I went and got cotton gloves at the photo equipment store and did the same. I got one of these Cintiqs for work about two months ago. It is better then a tablet, and then other times it drives me a little crazy. At least my art sucks on a Cintiq. Your work is looking great these days. God Bless.

Doug Jones

back many years ago I saw a picture of Elwood Smith inking a drawing and he was wearing a white glove with the fingers cut off. I got a pair but don’t remember where I got them now. I used them about twice for inking. Those gloves bell ringers use might be what they are. Anyhoo…. a light cotton glove might be the thing for summer wear… save the jersey for winter.

Jason Bourne

Thats some fancy software. Maybe I’ll catch up with all the techno one day.

Don Jones

High water britches and one glove… Michael Jackson ain’t got nothin’ on you. Wooo!

Dan Lietha

Wow! Just a buck for a great Cintiq glove. You could’ve spent $15 for the same thing: I’m looking into the Cintiq 12WX. It only has a 12inch screen. After working on the 20 inch screen, do you think 12 might be too small?

Dennis Jones

…hey Dan …uhm, well… first of all, I would never represent myself here as any sort of knowledgeable Cintiq expert… I just took a shot in the dark with my fingers crossed and bought one because it looked like the next tool I needed to do my work with… I was just hoping it would be all it was cracked up to be… in my humble opinion, it was…

…anyway, since I’ve never worked on the smaller one, I have no idea if it would be large enough or not…

…however, keeping in mind these things plug into your computer just like a second monitor, you can easily move all your Photoshop palettes (or whatever program palettes you use) over to the other monitor which clears all the clutter off the Cintiq which I think would leave plenty of work space on a 12… that’s my guess, anyway…

mark behm

Those thin white cotton ones from photo stores are great if the jersey one gets too hot.

Dennis Jones

…Mark Behm’s the guy to ask whether a 12 inch screen is large enough or not… (he’s been helping me behind the scene on this digital stuff for years now)…

here’s Mark’s blog…



Dennis Jones

Doug Jones

I have some illustration pots soaking… time to pull em up and see what I caught…

Dennis Jones

Doug Jones

we caught a pretty big crabbydon there!


It’s just glovely!


Now I’m really looking forward to what digital delights you bring us next Bro. Dennis.

Don Jones

I always enjoy eating a cheese sandwich while I unload crab.

Dennis Jones


When I wear the white cotton glove at work (while I am working on the cintiq), people ask me if I am OK, or what happened to my hand as though I hurt it. Sort of funny.

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