Star Wars On Spike TV

April 14, 2008


Last weekend Spike TV played episodes I, II, and III of Stars Wars on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. This weekend they did the same thing with episodes IV, V, and VI. Lucas seemed to have the whole story pretty much mapped out when he did the original (episode 4) back in the 70’s. In my humble opinion, the original was the best of the bunch followed by it’s sequel… and then they got progressively worse even though the special effects got better. I love the character development that went into this project and I still enjoy drawing some of the obscure oddballs from this series.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Im a Star Wars fan and enjoyed the prequels.{except for Jar-Jar} I really liked Watto, he is cool. There is going to be a new CG  Star Wars movie coming in August!

Doug Jones

That hammerhead character in the cantina is still one of my all time favorites. …nice color gradation on the mouth area.

jon Himknotme Slone

I agree. The best 2 were 1977 and 1980. Star wars and Empire strikes! No question!!!

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