2006 Christmas Report

January 29, 2007


…Don, Doug and Dennis…


…tempers flair…

I must apologize for this very late filing of the Official 2006 Jones Family Christmas Report. I accidentally left my camera behind in Kansas City during the holidays and have only recently gotten it back.

The 2006 Jones Family Christmas started out innocently enough. With around thirty participants at the proceedings this year, we began the festivities by enjoying a fine meal together. Things quickly deteriorated into a vicious “who can make the best costume out of Christmas wrapping paper” competition.

Doug somehow weaseled out of participating in this with us. Don and I were not happy about this (as shown in the first picture). Tempers flared when Don’s crummy pirate costume won first place over my really cool super hero costume. Unfortunately, fisticuffs ensued… as usual.

All in all… just another typical Jones Family Christmas.

The Comments

Doug Jones

… and then we all played “catch the greased skunk”

Dennis Jones



Hello Dennis, Your comic book background never seems to be too far away? Hey, could you email me the name of one or more publishers for your Bible books? Thanks, Bernard


Hopefully you stopped here and didn’t try and put out a ‘wrap” album.

Dennis Jones

Bernard… the latest things I have done were with Zondervan… way earlier in time I did a bunch of books with Concordia…

RobalLOO… don’t be dissin’ my wrapping skills… I wrap under the name J-den-Z… don’t be hatin’ on us wrappers…

Don Jones

We were so close there in picture No. 1 to torturing Douglas. All that was missing was a plastic bag… and a telephone cord… and a switch blade. At least he does look terrified.

Doug Jones

you would be terrified too if YOU had a cardboard wrapping paper tube at YOUR throat! I am still having nightmares….


Hey J-den-Z ~ I saw your Illustrated Bible in a drug store the other day – part of a Hallmark inspirational publishing display. Way cool to see it in retail-land and to go “I know that guy” – or at least, I comment on his blog.

Doug Jones

That reminds me, Roballoo… your blog commenting fees are due. Send ‘em in now for another fun year of posting comments.


I will have to take Yo wrappin’ skilz on your word…up! But yo artworks I can dig with my own eyes. Dares a pencil in da howz, ya!


Dennis, It’s Concordia! I found the books I was looking for! I first bought one ( The First Christmas ) back in the early to mid-nineties and just couldn’t find anymoore since. I hope you don’t mind my communicating off subject with you on your Blog…sinced you hold the record for the longest boom-a-rang emails. Wrappping It Up Now, BM

Dennis Jones

…yeh …I’m not so good on answering the emails so fast… but, hey, I want you to know I was head bobbin’ to the “pencil in da house” comment you made, Bernard… I was feelin’ it… yo, yo… word up… snap… dawg…


yeah you hearin’ me…yeah, dats what I’m talkin’ bout! Anybody messes wit my main dog I’m gonna Wacom! naw I’m saying?


Hey Dennis, Please tell me you’re working on ( or have already finished ) a cool Colts character for Monday morning?

Don Jones

I leave da Bro Jonz site for a few days and it turns into a gangsta rap type scene yo. My neck is draggin’ da bling and my tooth is capped in gode. Nasty D


Well Don, Better the gold in your teeth than a golden calf? Sounds like a modern day Moses deal to me. BFTY

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