A Picture Tribute To Socks

July 2, 2007


I took pictures of this sock bear at different stages of it’s creation and put together a picture tutorial of sorts. You can find it in my portfolio section.


These are some of the things I use to create sock creatures. It’s pretty much just socks, upholstery thread, and stuffing.


To start, I use an old sweat sock to build a shape. I might sew several shapes together to achieve the overall form that I want. This is rough, quick work because it will all be covered up later. I then take another sock and begin “skinning” color onto the shape, (as I have done with the black sock in the second picture).


I want this to be a roaring sock bear, so I create the top and bottom parts of the mouth first.


The black sock I sewed onto my shape earlier will be the area that I sew the mouth onto.


I add sides to the mouth and a bit more bulk to the bottom lip and chin.


Now I build another shape and add it to the bottom for a… well… bottom.


Now it’s time to “skin” the bear. I will use the inside of these brown socks because they have such great texture.


I add the ears, sew on some buttons for eyes, and add a heavy brow for personality.


All that is missing from this roaring bear is the legs and tail, so I make those.


I sew on the legs and tail and the bear is complete.


A finished, scary, roaring, mutant sock bear.

The Comments

Don Jones

This bear puts my stuffed bear to shame. Fantastic! Great tutorial too… If you would modify one of these creations into a golf club head cover I would buy one… that is if it was under $100 bucks.

Doug Jones

Great tutorial! Now that I see how it is done, I will be making one of these reall soon. Like maybe in 2008. So, when are you off to foreign countries to buy those cool European socks?

Don Jones

Have you got the Brother Jones 2007 Preachin’ Tour t-shirts printed up?

Doug Jones

maybe he has already left…

Nick Jones Everybody

Seriously. That is the coolest thing ever. I think you should just make sock bears for a living.

Dennis Jones

…if I could quit everything else I do today and just sit in front of the TV sewing mutant sock creatures together, I’d be a happy man… and play hockey… if I could just sew mutant sock creatures together and play hockey I would be a happy man… did I mention I SCORED A GOAL IN LAST FRIDAY NIGHTS HOCKEY GAME!!! …I didn’t? …I scored a goal in last friday nights hockey game… it was all very exciting… I would love to tell you more about it, but I must get to work now because unfortunately I can’t quit everything else I have to do today…

Doug Jones

I guess we will never know when the big overseas sock buying trip is…

Dennis Jones

…oh… sorry… the end of this month sometime… I’m still on a “need to know” basis for this and all other important information…

Don Jones

Hey Nick Jones Everybody, Has your recent move of homesteads impacted your golf playing frequency?

Doug Jones

I suggest white socks for the preaching gig. (I thought you “needed to know” this)

Don Jones

and whitey tighties.

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