A Quick Digital Color

November 30, 2007


I have a little free time once again and this is a quick digital color sketch I did tonight.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Swizanki! I like the highlights.

Don Jones

Looks like the Chiefs have hung it up for the season.

Dennis Jones

…I wonder what long suffering Chiefs fans would rather have… an exciting, high scoring Dick Vermeil style offense that breaks your heart year after year… or a low scoring, boring Herm Edwards style offense that breaks your heart year after year…

Jason Bourne

And Miami with no wins…

Don Jones

I had the opportunity to purchase end zone tickets for yesterday’s Chargers game. I concluded, why buy tickets to sit in the frigid stadium and watch the Chiefs crash and burn when I could do the same… laying on my couch, sipping Swiss Miss and snoozing as I so desired? Huh?

Doug Jones

I’m with the Donz. When they install recliners at the stadium… I’ll buy a ticket…

Dennis Jones

…I suspect it will be pretty easy to score Chiefs tickets the rest of this season…

Don Jones

I talked to Vendor David this morning who attended the game yesterday. His wife purchased tickets for his birthday. He did not say ONE THING about the game except how stinkin’ cold he was.

Dennis Jones

…high praise for the Chiefs stellar performance…

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