All Cintiqed Up

April 8, 2008


The Fed Ex guy delivered a Cintiq to me on Saturday and then backed out of the driveway and into my soaked yard leaving monster tire ruts. WHO CARES, I’ve got a brand new Cintiq! I’ll fix those tire tracks later… maybe in August.

What a great piece of equipment this is. Just a tiny learning curve to get the feel and then it’s off to the races. I’m thinking it must be like driving a Ferrari. I can drive a car, a Ferrari is a car, but it’s a real different kinda car. In other words, I was all over the road with it at first, but I’m quickly getting the hang of it and could not not happier about making the plunge into Cintiq Land.

The Comments

Dan Lietha

HEY! Congrads on the Cintiq! I’m happy for you and jealous of you all at the same time. I’ve been Jones-ing for a Cintiq for a while. PLEASE give us a full review (even a series would be great!) of what you have and the likes and dislikes you discover using it. Does it save time? Does it really make it possible to draw on your computer as you’d like to be able to draw? Inquiring artist minds want to know. Your blog could put me over the top to get one.

Doug Jones

ooooo…. a new toy! fun! That’s a cool basketball texture on the material… is that a brush?

Dennis Jones

…Dan …as far as I’m concerned, the Cintiq is everything it’s cracked up to be… there was always a disconnect for me when I blindly used a tablet while looking somewhere else at a computer screen… a lot of guess work in that… maybe I’m in the right spot, maybe not… it’s a whole lot easier when your picture is right below your stylus… a more traditional feel to it… I’ll try to comment on this a little more this week if you like…

…Doug, yes, that is a brush I found while digging around on the internets… I think it will be a useful one… I like the texture it produces…

Dennis Jones

…Doug, I was going to email that brush to you but it’s in a set somewhere and I will have to find it, separate it out, save it as an individual brush, yadda yadda yadda… all that to say… I didn’t email you the brush… but I woulda…

Don Jones

Congratulashunz on the new digital drawin’ canvas. I see many fast, cranked, beaootiful, masterpieces in your future.

Jason Bourne

Nice indeed. Indeed… Live and learn from the best.

Doug Jones

you probably don’t have the address to where you found the brushes do you? Hey… I have a ton of experience with a Cintiq. If you want to send yours down to me I will be happy to break it in for you. The breaking in period is very critical and I have done it dozens of times….

Don Jones

Speaking of breaking in … I mowed for the first time yesterday. Nothing appeared to break.

Dan Lietha

Which Cintiq did you buy? 21 inch? 20 inch? 12 inch? Gotta know, gotta know!

Dennis Jones

…hokay …I got the widescreen 20WSX which I think is only available in the US right now… since I’ve totally flipped over to doing all my color on the computer, I didn’t want to get the smallest one just to save a little money and then be wishing I’d bit the bullet and got a bigger one since I work on it every day…

…the screen seems huge to me… I find myself working down in the lower left hand corner a lot… well that sounded kinda weird… Photoshop is my default working program and with the widescreen I have all the palettes I work with open and on both sides of the screen and still have miles of room…

Dan Lietha

That’s funny. I guess it would seem HUGE to someone that’s been painting on a small video game screen. 🙂 Also, very good info to know. THANKS!

Dennis Jones

…a Floyd Norman cartoon…


Your digital painting skills have come a long way in a very short amount of time. The Cintiq is only going to help. I’m very impressed. I’d like to see pics of it in action – in the wilds of your studio.

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