An Inlaw… Or An Outlaw?

April 15, 2007


…a quick thumbnail sketch…


…the finished illustration…

This is a magazine illustration I recently did. It was for a story about improving family relationships. The title was, “Are You An Inlaw, Or An Outlaw?”

I immediately thought of using cowboys for this job. I don’t know why I immediately thought of using cowboys for this job… the story did not reference cowboys in any way, shape or form… I just really like to draw cowboys and this seemed like a pretty good opportunity to do a couple. I scratched out my idea (first picture) and sent it in for approval. I got a green light to go with the concept and did the illustration (second picture).

I really like the rough little quick sketch I did… it makes me laugh. It really captured the spirit of what I was hoping to do.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I’m surprised they didn’t just go with the sketch.

Dan Lietha

When you turn out a final that is so very different that the submitted rough sketch, do you ever get objections? I find most people unable to visualize what the final will be as they cannot get past the image first submitted. I assume the client here has seen your art before so they would be able to know the end result would be far different and better that the rough, but what about others? Did I make that clear as mud? 🙂

Dennis Jones

…most roughs that I submit for approval look pretty close to what the finished artwork will be… this particular quick and rugged looking rough was sent only to see if I could draw cowboys for the job… their response was, “looks good, go to finish”, so for some reason I didn’t need to send a better sketch on this particular assignment…


I like the riangle bodies on the sketch but the final with the expressions on the horsies really cracked me up

Doug Jones

riangle bodies?


I love the eyes on the dark horse.. Looks like me at 0430 when the alarm goes off. Reminds me of a 1982 video game Dragon Slayer..


Yes, riangle bodies! I’m®oballoo ain’t I? Other people see triangle bodies but not me.

Doug Jones

oh… I thot it had something to do with riangling up some grub…

Weberson Santiago

Very, very good!

Dennis Jones

…thanks …Batman is fun to do… I personally like to do him with really big ear things… if I wasn’t so busy right now I would paint one up… he’s one of the old standards I grew up on…

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