Aviator Sketch

September 10, 2007


My home state NFL football Colts won this week. So did Doug’s home state football Titans. Don… looks like a long year for you and your home state football Chefs… I mean Chiefs. At least they had a really good HBO special this year.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Great moustashe. My team, the Cowboys won last night also… And no one was chasing me (whew).

Don Jones

I was fortunate enough to see the Chiefs HBO show while I was in Indianapolis. Apparently, that was the high point for the season. I am sorry to report that I watched the FedEx Cup golf tourney and only switched to the Chief’s game on commercial breaks. It was more than I wanted to see of Coach Herm’s foncused football project.

Doug Jones

What are you sayin’… has the football season already started?

Don Jones

My prediction for the Chiefs… it’s already come and gone.

Dennis Jones

…well, I’d say the Chiefs will be at least as good as Cleveland this year…

Doug Jones

I enjoyed watching that old #4 cheesehead out there on the field. I find myself rooting for the old guys more and more…. dunno why…

Don Jones

I think the CHiefs will have their hands full with the dreaded Oakland Raidaaazzz. San Diego on the other hand… yeow. Tough.

Dennis Jones

…in that Green Bay game… did you see the Eagles fan in the crowd that had a big square chunk of aluminum foil on his head labeled Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

Doug Jones

missed seeing that…. dang!

Don Jones

I just heard someone say the Chiefs need to get Bill Cower back… Great idear.

Dennis Jones

…I say get Jerry Clower instead… remember that guy?

Don Jones

“Shoot up here amongst us!! One of us just has’ta get some relief!!!”

Doug Jones

Woo… knock him out, John!

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