Baseball Season

March 28, 2008


I always hate to see the football season end. Every year when baseball starts I think to myself, “if I could just generate a little passion for baseball I could follow it until football season cranks up again.” Unfortunately, I can never stay interested in baseball for more than a day or two. It’s a great sport, but there are six gajillion games in a season it just doesn’t seem like any individual game that I watch is all that important. It’s a lot like hockey in that way, (and I love hockey)… but I don’t really follow hockey any more for that same reason. When are they going to start broadcasting a quality sport with a limited number of contests (3 games and then the playoffs) like Extreme Bocce for us hard core contact sports fans to follow in the summer?

The Comments

Don Jones

Like minds think alike… Just yesterday I was working up the invitation to the Mason Graduation Celebration and used a background IDENTICAL to this one. When you see it, don’t think I ripped it from you. It’s a universal PETER MAX motif. Too bad the Royals are horrible, year in and year out. This nice drawing does them proud though.

Dennis Jones

…yep… that rising sun thing works every time…

Don Jones

Makes anything dramatic and coo.

Dennis Jones

…I’m needing a little tutorial on how you put a background together… and if you have any more of that vector art you sent me previously, slide that my way, too… (I loaded all my favorites from that last batch into the Photoshop custom shapes tool)…

Don Jones

What do you need to know here?

Dennis Jones

…how YOU make the rising sun graphic and how you put together the flourishes ‘n stuff…

Don Jones

First I purchase a few CREDITS on I then peruse the instock inventory of rising sun graphics and flourishes. I then purchase a few and place into PhotoShop. I hope this tutorial has been helpful and insightful.

Dennis Jones

…cool beans …I understood every bit of that tutorial except for the “purchase” part… does that involve actual money?

Jon Slone

Basketball is the best! Football rocks as well! Go Colts!!! Tennis is Gobtastic too. Especially when johnny Mac was doing his thang! Baseball? Boring! YuckCity! That’s almost as bad as Hockey I mean, BOXING ON ICE!

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