BattleCows Of Rohan

September 20, 2007


Rohan was perhaps best known for their mighty war horses… but let’s not forget about their fearsome BattleCows.

The Comments

Doug Jones

hey… is this the famous interrupting cow in battle garb?

Dennis Jones

…why, yes it mmMMMMOOOOOOoooo!

Jason Bourne

I hope I don’t run into one of them in a dark ally…gulp!!!

Dennis Jones

Doug Jones

The Battle Cows of Rohan were udderly loyal to their fearless leader… SocMo the Great…

Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones

…I really wish this is what I had put on the shield in the first place, Doug…

…yesterday I was doing a job and it was basically just a guy in a tie pointing to a chalkboard… I made a pattern out of the “I GO Socmo” logo and made it the pattern on the tie, but then chickened out and deleted it…

Don Jones

“No guts… No glory.” “I hate cliches ‘like the plaque.’”

Dennis Jones

…now, Don… are you saying you hate cliches like the crusty hard stuff on your teeth? …or did you mean the plague? …because I suppose either one would work here… but I’ve never heard of hating something like the crust on your teeth before…

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