August 30, 2007


I enjoy looking at artist’s work over on Blogger. I think it’s because I can dial into the front page of someone’s site and see several pieces of artwork on it without having to navigate through a ton of pages searching for it. With that in mind, I snagged a bunch of illustrations that I have previously posted here at Brother Jones and slapped them together on a Blogger page. Same old artwork, now in one convenient place.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Gosh… I hope Keegan doesn’t hear about this….

Don Jones

I like what you’ve done in your place… tasteful new sidebars… the gradient behind the DJ-ART logo is… what’s the word I’m looking for? Swanky!?

Dennis Jones

…as I was looking through my Brother Jones folder for artwork to post on Blogger I realized the majority of things I post here are pictures of vegetables, lawnmowers and our heads photoshopped onto movie posters…

Don Jones

You mean the good stuff…

Doug Jones

I want my head photoshopped on a vegetable.

Doug Jones

Hey… are you still working your way through your iTunes music list?

Dennis Jones

…yes… I am currently on M’s… specifically, Mr. Downtown, Mr. Flutter, Mr. Greedyman, Mr. Powell, Mr. Roboto, Mr. Webster, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Vanderbilt, etc….

Doug Jones

ooo…. just the mention of Mr Downtown gets the tune stuck in my head…

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